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Enhance your own safari experience by taking your own personal ranger with you in the car – ‘Ranger in a Box’. ‘Ranger in a Box’ gives you all the interesting information, facts and stories on the wildlife you may come across on your game drive at the touch of a button on your car CD player.  An easy identification chart helps you select the required track for each animal so you can easily select the information about the animal you have just spotted.

The information includes interesting facts, behaviour, myths and legends and even research information where applicable as well as tips and hints on how to maximise your viewing experience. Ranger-in-a-box will, for example, tell you all about lions while you are watching them in their natural habitat– what physical characteristics to note, any fascinating behaviour to look out for, social activities that can be expected and the indigenous meanings of these animals names.

Ranger-in-a-box will give you the experience of having your own personal ranger in the car with you at all times – in your CD player.

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